Futureproof your organization with a new reality.

UP360 can help you leverage the immersive power of virtual and augmented reality. Boost learning outcomes and clients engagement by providing hands on learning experiences anywhere, anytime. Partner with us to design, develop and distribute your new digital reality.

The technology we work with.

Virtual Reality

Unlike other technologies that have come before it, virtual reality is an almost-too-real-and-highly-immersive experience that will eventually include all sensory inputs. When done right this technology can trick the mind into thinking what it’s experiencing is real.

Virtual reality will afford us the opportunity to do and learn complex things at a moment’s notice. The applications of this technology are endless, and the word game-changer doesn’t even come close to signaling the coming tectonic shift that’s about to occur thanks to the rise of VR.

Augmented & Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality are going to change our lives. Not by taking something that already exists and putting it in our pocket, but by completely revolutionizing how we view and interact with the world.    

The ‘hands-free device for hands-on workers’ has helped diverse clients from doctors to automobile assemblers. Training videos, annotated images, and quality assurance checklists can be easily accessed to ensure jobs get done safely and quickly. The glasses can also connect you to co-workers so they can see what you see through a live video stream to enable real-time collaboration and troubleshooting.

This technology can, and will, add magic to our daily lives. It will allow us to write our own rules on how people see the world, and how they react to it. By marrying the physical and digital in unexpected ways, we can reinvigorate, stimulate and inspire.


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