CookedVR challenges the way we think about training, assessment, and talent recruitment for entry-level jobs. This project leverages gamification to teach people the fundamental skills required for a standard workplace while accurately assessing their core competencies.

Team building and communication can also be practiced as this experience supports up to three players in the same environment at one time. Each player takes on a different key role including; POS station, Fry & Grill Station, and Garnish Station. Players must work together to successfully run the restaurant and get orders out in time.

CookedVR is currently focused on employment within fast food venues but will be expanding to standard commercial kitchens, cafes, and other standard hospitality venues over time.

If you are a large employer and would like to explore VR as a possible venue for training and talent recruitment CookedVR can be customized to your kitchen, recipes, and processes.

The methodology developed in this project will also be applied to tools developed around retail, manufacturing, warehousing, and other standard entry-level jobs.

If you are interested in learning more about this project please contact us directly!

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