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We’re UP360

Our Story

We have always been fascinated by technology and how it can be incorporated into our everyday lives. Over the last decade, we have seen and participated in the adoption of a countless number of new technologies that have redefined the way we consume content. In 2015 we were introduced to virtual reality and it was life-changing. With the click of a button we were transported into a digital world so lifelike that we lost track of the world around us. Although our first experiences were with games, we knew instantly that the technology could be used for so much more; hence the creation of UP360. We are a team of passionate, technology-loving entrepreneurs, 3D artists and game developers who are changing the way businesses and educators use immersive technology.

We Create

Working in partnership with industry leaders, we specialize in the creation and long-term management of virtual and augmented reality-based products. Our in-house team of expert designers, developers and 3D artists, can recreate any real-world simulation or experience. We focus on the creation of educational and training-based solutions.

We Educate

We love sharing what we know. Whether you're looking for an introduction to advancing technology, or an in-depth overview of how to design, prototype and test immersive content we are here to help. We actively participate in speaking engagements, host educational workshops and consult with organizations on the changing technological landscape.

We Inspire

We're solving big problems by using cutting edge technologies to change the way organizations train employees and educate career seekers. We specialize in creating innovative real-world simulations and practical career programs using virtual and augmented reality. Our goal is to help organizations provide innovative, immersive & impactful experiences.

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