One VR simulation at a time

For decades, education has relied on traditional teaching methods to deliver curriculum to students. These lessons often overlooked individuals with different learning abilities and needs.

With new technologies emerging, we saw the opportunity to create a new form of training – one that would excite and entice students to want to learn.

At UP360, we believe learning should be immersive, interactive, and entertaining. Growing up on Bill Nye and the Magic School Bus, we dreamed of a day where we could transport to other worlds and dimensions to learn.

That day has officially arrived.

Gaming & storytelling live at our core

We’re a team of game developers, storytellers, artists, and technologists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of learning and virtual reality.

We leverage user insights and industry best practices from game design, education, and storytelling to create immersive experiences that keep students engaged.

Our Senior Team

Harrison Olajos
Harrison Olajos, CEO
Matthew Mazza
Matthew Mazza, CTO
John Brimmer
John Brimmer, CFO
Clara Fennuk
Clara Fennuk, CAO
UP360 Team

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