Level-Up Your learning
with Immersive VR

Our virtual reality simulations mimic real-world work experience, offering in-depth, relevant, and measurable learning.

Benefits of
learning with VR

Increase retention

Increase retention

Deliver engaging and memorable lessons that are proven to retain skills.
Real-time application

Real-time application

Enable students to practice what they’ve learned in real-time, in a cost-efficient way.
Make learning fun

Make learning fun

Offer immersive and gamified lessons that students want to participate in.
Provide actionable feedback

Provide actionable feedback

Measure and assess performance, while providing clear advice and direction.

We’re here to compliment
your course

Our simulations are designed to enhance and complement your curriculum; not replace it.

Our partners marry traditional instruction with our VR simulations to offer micro-accreditation and better preparation for workplace roles.

You bring the curriculum.
We’ll bring the technology.

We’ll partner with your organization to develop a unique VR training simulation that’s based on your curriculum, or a specific role.

We’ll tailor the experience to match the necessary requirements, skills, and work environment to create a cost-effective and realistic training experience.

Getting started
is simple

We’ll host a discovery call with your team
We’ll provide a detailed production plan, budget & timings
We’ll collaborate to produce your VR training simulation
We’ll source and setup your VR equipment for the program
We’ll look after the heavy lifting, managing development and refining the experience along the way. Interested in learning more?

The UP360 Immersive Learning Platform

We’re currently developing an immersive learning platform designed exclusively for high-quality education & training based VR experiences.

The platform will enable you to manage your content, create staff accounts and gain a deeper insight into your simulations with detailed session tracking across your organization.

Notify me when the platform becomes available.

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