Food Prep

St Lawrence College

Introducing “Food Prep,” a groundbreaking Virtual Reality (VR) training simulation developed in partnership with St. Lawrence College. This immersive experience is designed to enhance culinary skills and knowledge, while also emphasizing the importance of dietary accommodations and adherence to health and safety regulations.

In “Food Prep,” users are tasked with planning and preparing meals for two clients, each with distinct dietary restrictions and preferences. The simulation challenges learners to make appropriate substitutions and adapt recipes accordingly, all while maintaining the highest standards of health and safety.

Upon completing the cooking process, users can submit their meals for assessment, receiving a detailed breakdown of their performance in areas such as meal planning, recipe compliance, dietary accommodations, and adherence to health and safety practices. This comprehensive feedback allows learners to identify areas for improvement and refine their culinary expertise.

“Food Prep” is the perfect training solution for aspiring chefs and culinary professionals, providing a realistic and engaging environment for users to hone their skills and become proficient in accommodating diverse dietary needs. By utilizing our cutting-edge VR simulation, you can ensure a well-rounded and skilled workforce, ready to excel in the culinary world.