Realistic Immersive Safety Education

Hinton Scaffold Solutions

Introducing R.I.S.E – Realistic Immersive Safety Education for Construction. This innovative Virtual Reality (VR) training simulation, is specifically designed for PC-based VR headsets with a non-VR desktop mode for accessibility. Developed in collaboration with Hinton Scaffolding Solutions, this immersive experience provides a unique and engaging approach to health and safety training for scaffold construction work.

The simulation features a large, to-scale environment of an active construction site, allowing users to learn about hazards, identify risks, and take a guided tour of the site. Throughout the experience, users are prompted to answer questions related to on-site procedures, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols. Additionally, the “museum” mode offers an in-depth exploration of various scaffold components, further enhancing the learning experience.

Compatible with both PC and VR platforms, R.I.S.E delivers an unparalleled, immersive learning experience that elevates scaffold safety training to new heights.

The project was delivered to 1000+ participants looking to enter or currently working in the

construction industry in Ontario.

In addition to supporting the design and development, UP360 also provided custom hardware solutions to our partners to ensure the successful rollout of the project.