Virtual Reality Welding

St Lawrence College

Introducing Virtual Reality Welding Training, a state-of-the-art immersive learning experience developed to enhance the skills of welding professionals. This comprehensive training solution is divided into two distinct parts, allowing users to practice and perfect various welding techniques, including Stick, TIG, MIG, and FCAW.

In Part 1, users are tasked with completing MIG welds on trusses of an under-construction building. They must put on safety equipment, set up a MIG welder, select the correct consumables, and execute groove and fillet welds. In Part 2, learners tackle Stick welding on support trusses using a scissor lift. They are required to don safety gear, set up a Stick welder, select appropriate consumables, complete groove and fillet welds, and clean their work.

Upon completion, users can submit their welds for assessment and receive a detailed breakdown of their performance in various aspects, such as safety (PPE usage, welding with mask up, etc.), welder setup (correctness of setup), shutdown (proper shutdown procedure), and weld quality (travel speed, feed speed, arc length, weld chipping/brushing, etc.).

Our Virtual Reality Welding Training program provides an unparalleled learning experience, enabling welding professionals to sharpen their skills in a realistic and engaging environment. By choosing our innovative training solution, you’re investing in the future of your workforce and ensuring top-quality workmanship in your industry.